Join Mary Lou on Her Wonderful Ocean Adventures

Mary Lou's Adventures Are Inspired by the Author's Own Queen Mary 2 Cruises

The Queen Mary 2 Has Lots of Special Activities for Kids

Mary Lou Dreamed All About How Much Fun a Queen Mary 2 Voyage Would Be

You'll Have as Much Fun Reading the Book as Mary Lou Did On-Board the Queen Mary 2

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Author Joan J. Curley Invites You to Join Mary Lou

On Her Imaginary Ocean Adventure


Joan J Curley, best-selling author for children and tween’s, takes readers on another adventure. This time she brings them aboard the famous Queen Mary 2 ocean liner. Meet Mary Lou and her new friend Patrick O’Shaughnessy and discover the fun of being on a cruise.

The book’s heroine, Mary Lou, lives in a small village outside London England. When visiting her aunt and uncle his longingly viewed the giant cruise ships as they dock in the port of Southhampton.

Mary Lou 3D 8-5--croppedShe was especially fascinated by the Cunard Line ships which are distinctive because of their black and red marking. They include the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, and the largest of them all, Queen Mary 2.

Mary Lou reads lots and lots of travel information about the Queen Mary 2 and shares it with her parents. And, to her surprise, they tell her after dinner that they plan to take her on a cruise on the Q M2 as soon as a school term ends.

You and your children can join Mary Lou on her fun and fabulous ocean liner voyage by reading Mary Lou and the Queen Mary 2.

You’ll love learning what it’s like for you and your young ones to be on board the magnificent Queen Mary 2.


Mary 2 is Cunard’s flagship and one of the most magnificent ocean liners ever built.

children on board QM2Imagine taking a transatlantic crossing to or from New York or European cruise from Southhampton for a holiday like no other. Queen Mary 2, effectually known by customers as QM2®, offers an array of entertainment and educational activities including a state-of-the-art 3-D cinema, a planetarium a casino a superb spa, life enriching workshops, and lots of kid friendly activities.

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